Connecting across the globe.

                                                                                                   Identical in nature, but different in degree

How do we enhance lives?

Our tribe of empowered women host meet ups around the world with a mission to…

Expand our World Views.

Open our minds to new ideas, religions or believes.  No Labels, or Judgements.  We connect, share messages, and help expand our minds. 

Learn New Skills

It’s not about what you get, it’s about what you become. Increase our self worth by increasing our life skills.  We host book clubs, local meetups and workshops catered to learning.

Guide Youth towards Conscious Leadership

It all starts with financial prioritization. With our financial education workshops we teach how to allocate  earnings and increase income so money starts working for you. 

Who are we...

We are a tribe of international women that come from a powerful generational lineage that fought for the rights and freedom we have today. We represent our past generations who were discredited, and underestimated time and time again. We are here to share the messages of women who had the courage to leave their role in society facing criticism and threat. Thanks to them, we are here today. By conducting Self Mastery workshops Residual Queens is here to light up this torch by guiding communities to think bigger, and grow their local businesses so we continue the evolution for future generations to come.


Giving Back.

By attending our workshops you are supporting our mission to reach & help heal humanity around the world. A lot of the times we have found that women stay in the situation that they are in because they see no other way out. They are supported by the idea that security lies externally. They are afraid that they won’t survive on their own. Residual Queens is here to guide women through this process with our self mastery seminars and support from our close niche community. 

Welcome to our international tribe of warriors!  Thank you for your contribution.  

Join the Movement! ​

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