About Us

We are a non profit organization that consults indigenous communities around the world to automate and expand their business. At Residual Queens we are here to harvest the idea that as a human race we have the capacity, the power of energy, the connection, the intelligence, the empowerment, the resources and the financial capabilities to reach our most unimaginable truths. 

As a tribe we travel to the most remote towns around the world hosting workshops  with other tribes so we connect with them as well as help grow and automate their businesses. Just like our ancestors we must lose our fears and leave our comfort zones in order to seek change. 

 “We will continue to pave this path for future generations by educating ourselves financially and empowering each other to improve who we are, so we create what we seek to become.” 

                                                                             -Residual Queens

Founder Story

Hi, I’m Mei-Jing Ang. I grew up in Texas but I consider myself a world citizen, one who loves to learn about different cultures and explore the world. Growing up, I always had a passion for finances and traveling the world. After graduating college with huge student debt I went straight to working at a corporate job, I did that for 7 years working in the trucking industry, selling diesel engines and trucks. I loved my job, it was paying my debts and allowing me to invest but it wasn’t for me. I was making other people millions while I worked extremely hard for a two-week vacation. While I was working I invested in almost every type of real estate you can imagine. I attended seminars, webinars, online courses, read lots of books and took action. When the pandemic hit in 2020 I faced all my fears and quit the “security” of my job and started building my future.  I new I wanted to travel and connect with women. So I gathered a group of empowered women from all over the world and with a lot of market research, mentorships and action we created RQ Global (Residual Queens). A non profit focused on helping women in the most remote villages.  There is nothing more beautiful to have the ability to travel while connecting and helping others.   

I now travel the world, host workshops & run my own online business. Living a fulfilled life, away from my corporate job, learning, growing, and working for myself. It’s a life that I want other women to experience, and I am here to guide them to get there.

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