“The 7 Step Wealth Program”!

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This is a step-by-step program to learn how to invest and build financial security over time.

Without having your finances in order, your future will be filled with uncertainty. This unique course will teach you how to manage your personal finances, how to increase income, and where to place that income so you generate consistent residual income “cash flow”. So no matter what the future may hold, you will be ready.


By the end of this program, you will have:

Learned the necessary skill you need to take charge of your finances.


Mastered your personal budget by understanding where your money is going and how you can grow it through our proprietary cash flow statements.


Understand what your true net worth is by learning to fill out our proprietary asset vs liability sheet. As well as learn the difference between good debt and bad debt so you can leverage good debt to your advantage and learn the different bad debt tackling strategies so you increase your over all net worth.


Create wealth goals so you understand how much money you will need to invest to reach your monthly financial freedom goals. So when someone asks you how much money do you need to retire, you don’t say a million dollars but instead you say, “I will need X amount of cash flow per month”.


Learned all that you should know about saving strategies through our savings compound formula and the percentage allocation strategy so you start allocating your money in the right places for future investments.


You will learn the necessary life skills so you can increase your income part time while you also increase your income full time. By the end of this program you will have the knowledge necessary to start creating true freedom of time, so you can travel or do what you love while you work from anywhere in the world.


Learn about the 5 different investment buckets so you invest your money in the right places. The objective is to invest your money so it works for you, so when you reach retirement, you will have created generational wealth. The type of wealth that is sustainable even after you pass so your children are left with never ending inheritance.


Transformed into a confident investor who can bring her partner in the picture and gradually teach her kids how to go about money and investing the right way.

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We’ve Saved customers thousands of wasted hours learning the wrong things, so they can now spend more time doing what truly matters most to them.

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“I love how Mei-Jing’s program helped me drastically shift my mindset from lack to abundance, because it has shifted the way I approach my expenses and investments. I live a free life now, because I am not afraid to have a budget for self care and professional development courses. Money used to worry me and now it empowers me to achieve my goals.”
Silvia Lugo
Puerto Rico
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“Que poderosa herramienta! La verdad es que nunca he llevado mis cuentas y gracias a este programa me doy cuenta de la importancia de saber sobre nuestras finanzas”
Eleane López
Lima, Peru
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“I took this course with my husband, and we were worried this course would be a waste of time. We were wrong. It changed my life for the better. My biggest take away was rethinking the way I managed my money. I am now able to put my money where it needs to and equip my children with these tools for their future creating generational wealth. Thank you Mei-Jing!”
Ashley Franco
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“Mei-Jing really helped me organize my finances and open up some investment accounts so my money can start working for me. I was also able to purchase my first home that I will rent out to start generating some cash flow. My dream has always been to be free to travel without having to worry about being back at the office. I finally feel closer than ever.”
Kimberly Galvan
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“This program guided me to opening a high yield savings account as well as the savings compound strategy. I am now saving a certain $ amount straight from my paycheck. I don’t even worry about having to deposit because it is all automated. Thank you Mei-Jing, for caring, I feel so free now, I have a game plan now and it feels so freeing.”
Estefany Lopez

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